Affordable & Reliable Scooter Rental Hire In Phnom Penh

Free delivery in Phnom Penh


110cc - 150CC Scooters

Automatic scooters are an easy way to travel through Phnom Penh for either tourists or expats. All bikes come with free helmet, and lock. The bike, unlike others, will have great brakes, and tires that have a lot of tread left. GPS tracker available for small extra rental fee.

150cc - 500CC Dirt Bikes & Motorcycles

Bigger bikes are more for the experienced, but can be a life saver for longer trips. Dirt bikes, quads, big "scooters" and motorcycles available. All come with a helmet and lock, and free delivery anywhere in Phnom Penh


Scooter Rental Conditions

110cc - 150cc

Requirements - Must have a valid passport which we will keep until scooter is returned, or a copy of passport and $500 US deposit.

Insurance - We do not include any insurance, health or coverage of the motorbike or any damage to other vehicles/persons. We do not insure against theft either.

Deposit We have two options for a deposit. First, is let us keep your passport and 30 US deposit cash. Or you can pay a 500 US deposit and a copy of your passport.

Payment Feel free to pay weekly/monthly either by cash, WING, paypal (2% fee) and transfer to our ABA account. Just take a picture of the deposit and send to our email within a week of payment and all is good.

Helmets We will give complimentary helmet(s) to the renter. Let us know if you need two. These are gently used, however we will sell you a brand new helmet for $20 US dollars, and will buy back at $15 dollars when you return the helmet.

Reservations Due to people booking motorbikes and then not showing up we do require a deposit of $30 dollar via paypal to hold your scooter for your reservation dates. This money can be used for the cost of the motorbike at the end of the rental.

Delivery We deliver (and pickup )for free anywhere in Phnom Penh. Please be ready when we arrive at your location. We are usually busy and waiting an hour is just wasted time for us.

We also provide storage services to Phnom Penh, and will glady store a suitcase or two for free for our customers.