Phnom Penh Motorbike Terms & Conditions

Do I need to wear a helmet

Yes, you need to wear a helmet, along with your passenger if you have one. One, it s important in case of an accident, and also the police will fine you if they see you without a helmet.

We give a helmet (or two) complimentary to our guests. We also sell at an affordable rate new helmets and will even purchase them back (at a lower rate) when you're done with the helmet.

Where can I travel with the scooter/motorbike ?

Technically Phnom Penh metro area. Theres an image below showing the area. This "condition" is to enable us to service a scooter if there is a problem or quickly replace the scooter if there is a bigger problem. We know your time is valuable and we try repair/replace broken down motos very fast. If you are out of the area, we cant help out (financially and quickly). Also what we dont know, wont kill us :), just remember we cant help you out if you run into trouble

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What do I need to rent a scooter

Not that much. Just 3 easy steps

  • Call us, Facebook us, Email us, and set up a time for us to deliver your motorbike25%
  • Have some cash, a passport, and 30 USD deposit80%
  • Ask us any questions, we are there to help!100%


What happens if I get a flat tire in Phnom Penh? The only maintenance you are responsible for are tires, but its relatively easy to fix on the street. Almsot anywhere in Phnom Penh, there will be a guy with an air compressor. This guy can fill up your tires for 500 riel, or repair your flat for relatively a small amount of money. For foreigners its about a dollar to patch the inner tube. If the tube needs to be replaced its around 5 dollars. Be careful, sometimes the guys will prick a small hole to patch 2 or 3 holes to increase his "sales".

What if I have an accident? CALL us. Our Khmer staff can help. No matter what, stay calm as showing anger will get you no where.

Do you require a passport as a deposit? Sadly we have to in Phnom Penh. If you can give a deposit of 500 US we can skip the passport, but we find most customers decide to leave their passport. We do keep the passport locked in a safe in a secure location.


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