Renting a motobike in Phnom Penh is a great idea
January 31, 2018

Top Ten Motorbikes in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

10.) Vespa

The most expensive on this list is the Vespa. The italian scooter has an iconic look and handles relatively well. The downside to the Vespa is usually the cost factor. The initial price of the Vespa is high. That is if you can even source an original Vespa. Next, now that you have an expensive scooter, thieves will be looking to snatch this scooter. A good lock or locks are essential for this moto.

9.) Charlie

8.) Fino

7.) Honda Icon

6. Honda Click

5. Korean Daemlin

4. Vivo

3. Honda cub

2. Honda Dream

1. Scoopy

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